Photo title: Tapera

Tapera (photo title) is a word from Brazilian Portuguese whose origin is in the indigenous Tupi language. This word was formed from the word tupi “taba,” which means the house, the dwelling, plus the suffix “uera.” This suffix gives a characteristic of past to the noun, which comes to mean “something that was a house”. … More Photo title: Tapera

Photo title: Dog # 400

I like this photo taken in the small town of Cambuquira, Minas Gerais, in November 2016. I chose to use the maximum aperture f / 4 of my Nikkor lens 24-120mm (excellent, I recommend) so that there was prominence in the figure of the dog and So that the wall full of details did not … More Photo title: Dog # 400

“Cavalgadas Brasil” Award – A good surprise!

The website “Cavalgadas Brasil” published on 06/09/2017, through Instagram, the result of the 3rd Photographic Contest that this institution promotes. I was very happy with the first place in the category “Horse – freedom”. In this category, the rule was horse photography without human presence. The other categories were: horse – sport and horse – … More “Cavalgadas Brasil” Award – A good surprise!

Ecological Walk in Lavras Novas

On May 20, 2017, I participated in the eighth “Big Meeting of Belo Horizonte Ecotourism Groups”, as a member of the Ecocultural Association Pé no Chão, based in Belo Horizonte. On this memorable day, along with other partner groups, such as the “BHGrinos” and the “Caminhada Mineira”, we traveled 17km between Ouro Preto and the … More Ecological Walk in Lavras Novas