“Caraça” with “Pé no Chão”

“Pé no Chão” is the oldest ecological group of walks and adventures in Belo Horizonte. In this year 2016, the group completed 25 years of existence. One of the commemorative events happened on December 8. We went to the Sanctuary of Caraça, place of environmental and historical value. In the distant year of 1774, Friar Lourenco founded a hermitage that gave rise to a place of pilgrimage. Caraça soon became a school and important seminary in the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, it is also a place of preservation of plants and animals typical of the cerrado and the Atlantic forest. The Caraça park is like a large amphitheater, surrounded by the highest mountains of the Espinhaço massif, such as Pico do Sol and Pico do Inficcioonado.

Our group at this event was forty-nine people. The preferred place was the “Cascatinha”, which is a beautiful waterfall with a natural pool, 4 km away from the headquarters.

Below, photos of the event (the tropical sun, in the summer, is not ideal for photographers …).

Arriving … View of the headquarters.
Friends: “Pé no Chão”
Detail, with parts of the ruins (rest of the fire of 1968).
Young adventurers.
The “Cascatinha”.
A native manacá, that has smaller flowers than the ornamental manacá.
Jacus (Penelope sp). There were many.
Three Brothers Peak and the jungle.


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