Flinpo Magazine #19

“It rains outside” (Chove lá fora)

"It rains outside" (Chove lá fora)
Image selected by editors in Challenge # 293.

Beautiful edition of the magazine FLINPO (photograph in Portuguese language), number 19, month of April of 2017.


Source: Flinpo: Fotografia em Língua Portuguesa

The publication gathers the participants of the site who send weekly photographs on themes chosen for each round. The most voted photos and the photos chosen by the editors are included in the magazine, which also features interviews and articles.

Editors define the work they do by the following words:

“Flinpo is a space that aims to bring together amateur photographers and professionals speaking the Portuguese language around the world, but does not prevent the participation of any nationality, as long as they feel good with Portuguese, Flinpo’s official language.” (Well, my translation to the following text in Portuguese:”O Flinpo é um espaço que pretende reunir fotógrafos amadores e profissionais falantes da língua portuguesa de todo o mundo, não impedindo, no entanto, a participação de qualquer nacionalidade, desde que se sinta bem com o português, língua oficial do Flinpo.”)

I participated in this issue with a picture. So I contributed a bit to this brilliant edition.

Browse and enjoy. There is no lack of artistic quality, creativity, sensitivity and good humor.

Flinpo: Fotografia em Língua Portuguesa.



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