“Cavalgadas Brasil” Award – A good surprise!

The website “Cavalgadas Brasil” published on 06/09/2017, through Instagram, the result of the 3rd Photographic Contest that this institution promotes. I was very happy with the first place in the category “Horse – freedom”. In this category, the rule was horse photography without human presence. The other categories were: horse – sport and horse – … More “Cavalgadas Brasil” Award – A good surprise!

Flinpo Magazine #19

“It rains outside” (Chove lá fora) Beautiful edition of the magazine FLINPO (photograph in Portuguese language), number 19, month of April of 2017.   Source: Flinpo: Fotografia em Língua Portuguesa The publication gathers the participants of the site who send weekly photographs on themes chosen for each round. The most voted photos and the photos … More Flinpo Magazine #19

International award !!!

Max’s photograph, a lhasa apso, was awarded the prestigious “Dog Photographer of the Year” (2015) organized by the Kennel Club of England and Wales. What a surprise! It was a great joy to have won this award. Besides, Max belongs to our home and he is our friend. Nothing could be better. Attended 13,000 photos from … More International award !!!

Individual exhibition, Oct / 2015

During the month of October 2015, in Belo Horizonte, the Kahlúa Coffee, famous meeting point for artists and intellectuals, exposed photographs of this photographer. In this collection, I gathered several themes of images that I worked on the edition with one goal: to mix the monochrome and color at different levels of saturation. I thank … More Individual exhibition, Oct / 2015