My work on the book cover…

The Brazilian publishing house Armada is launching my book on an important fact of the history of Brazil, denominated “Inconfidência Mineira” (eighteenth century). The graphic artist responsible for the elaboration of the cover chose this photograph of Ouro Preto, taken at the beginning of a cold morning, with mist on the old buildings. That’s really … More My work on the book cover…

“Cavalgadas Brasil” Award – A good surprise!

The website “Cavalgadas Brasil” published on 06/09/2017, through Instagram, the result of the 3rd Photographic Contest that this institution promotes. I was very happy with the first place in the category “Horse – freedom”. In this category, the rule was horse photography without human presence. The other categories were: horse – sport and horse – … More “Cavalgadas Brasil” Award – A good surprise!

Flinpo Magazine #19

“It rains outside” (Chove lá fora) Beautiful edition of the magazine FLINPO (photograph in Portuguese language), number 19, month of April of 2017.   Source: Flinpo: Fotografia em Língua Portuguesa The publication gathers the participants of the site who send weekly photographs on themes chosen for each round. The most voted photos and the photos … More Flinpo Magazine #19

International award !!!

Max’s photograph, a lhasa apso, was awarded the prestigious “Dog Photographer of the Year” (2015) organized by the Kennel Club of England and Wales. What a surprise! It was a great joy to have won this award. Besides, Max belongs to our home and he is our friend. Nothing could be better. Attended 13,000 photos from … More International award !!!

Individual exhibition, Oct / 2015

During the month of October 2015, in Belo Horizonte, the Kahlúa Coffee, famous meeting point for artists and intellectuals, exposed photographs of this photographer. In this collection, I gathered several themes of images that I worked on the edition with one goal: to mix the monochrome and color at different levels of saturation. I thank … More Individual exhibition, Oct / 2015