Tourist in Petrópolis

Petropolis meant “city of Pedro”. It is a tourist and historical city of the state of Rio de Janeiro. In the nineteenth century, the city was planned under the government of Dom Pedro II, almost as a second capital. In the city was built the emperor’s summer palace. The choice of location was due to … More Tourist in Petrópolis

One day is little in Tiradentes

Tiradentes is a historic city of Minas Gerais that retains the characteristics of colonial times. The city became very visited and gained excellent tourist infrastructure. Its streets have lost the old bucolismo of small towns, but it is not possible to have everything. Today, the weekends are busy and there are always a large number … More One day is little in Tiradentes

Old cars in Campanha, Minas Gerais

On July 29, the Brazilian city of Campanha, state of Minas Gerais, received many old cars for the meeting “Amigos da Ferrugem” (“Friends of Rust) of 2017. Congratulations to Átila and all of the team that organized the event. It was a different work for me. Antique cars are objects loved by their owners, who … More Old cars in Campanha, Minas Gerais