FLINPO Challenge # 345

Challenge of the week: Mountain – Photographs where a mountain is visible. Desafio da semana, Tema #345: Montanha – Fotografias onde seja visível uma montanha. Traditional and typical scene of Ouro Preto. In the background, the Pico do Itacolomi, landmark of the Serra do Espinhaço, which served as a beacon to guide the first pioneers of the seventeenth century, … More FLINPO Challenge # 345


Theme # 344: Photographs that convey the idea that someone or something (objects, animals, etc.) is coming. Desafio semanal FLINPO – Tema 344 – CHEGANDO: Fotografias que transmitam a ideia de que alguém ou alguma coisa (objectos, animais, etc.) esteja chegando.

FLINPO CHALLENGE # 343 Complicated

Theme # 343: Pictures that portray the idea of something extremely complicated. Desafio semanal FLINPO – Tema 343 – Complicado: Fotografias que retratem a ideia de algo extremamente complicado.   Untitled # 344. They look like an adult male and a young male of the Saffron finch. For what reason were they failing? I have … More FLINPO CHALLENGE # 343 Complicated

New Photos, May 2017

The images below are the newest of my website SmugMug. May 2017. As imagens abaixo são as mais recentes do meu site SmugMug. Maio de 2017. Photography means to me the instrument that allows me to delve into visual art. The good thing about current photography – digital photography – is that there are two equally … More New Photos, May 2017

FLINPO CHALLENGE # 342 Documentary Photo

Photographs that can be cataloged as documentaries. DESAFIO SEMANAL FLINPO – Tema 342 – Documental: Fotografias que possam ser catalogadas como documentais. Scene captured in ecological activity promoted in Serra do Cipó by the Ecocultural Association Pé no Chão, based in Belo Horizonte. The photo was taken at the time of return and shows the … More FLINPO CHALLENGE # 342 Documentary Photo

FLINPO CHALLENGE # 341 Feminine gender

Pictures that portray something, not necessarily a person, of the feminine sort. DESAFIO FLINPO – Tema #341 – Género feminino. Fotografias que retratem algo, não necessariamente uma pessoa, do género feminino. Highlighting the feminine in a woman’s photograph, not because she is a human being, or because she is a person simply, but because, besides a human … More FLINPO CHALLENGE # 341 Feminine gender

Flinpo Magazine #19

“It rains outside” (Chove lá fora) Beautiful edition of the magazine FLINPO (photograph in Portuguese language), number 19, month of April of 2017.   Source: Flinpo: Fotografia em Língua Portuguesa The publication gathers the participants of the site who send weekly photographs on themes chosen for each round. The most voted photos and the photos … More Flinpo Magazine #19